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Paul...have you had any success with this at all? I find Creative's software nearly unusable on all counts. Have you succeeded in getting any of the other software to work with your screenreader, such as the Vienna sound font studio? I'm guessing you'd definitely need some kind of script for that; I don't even think there are any keyboard commands.

Unfortunately I don't really know much about scripting myself, but I'd definitely be curious as to what sort of headway you've made. I have a soundblaster x-fi card over here.

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hi list. is anyone using this program with jaws creative console launcher. it came with a sound blaster sound card i am using. i use it for adjusting audio effects in my pc. are there any scripts as i am having trouble writing scripts for this program. again is this software being used successfully by any one on this list. i would be verry grateful for any assistance u can give me. u can write me at or call me at 225 209 5635.

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