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I have read this with interest, since it is not the safe mode thatMs
outlook suggests if it is not turned off,just so and complains when next
the desktop is put on and suggest it run in safe mode. However since I
mentioned a while ago when my xp desktop seemingly died downloading jaws
and I called out a local engineer who said jaws 11 may have hit a poor patch
on the Hd, letme custom make you a windows 7,as it was newly out I did have
an external back up so he knew I had material stored off computer. Well a
couple of people I know said"he could have tried to repair it in safe mode",
so in that kind of safe mode how would he have gone about fixing my xp
desktop the easy thing of course was to say he could custom make me a
windows 7 pc for an astronomical price thanks dorothy

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Hi every one

Please read all of this before carrying out the steps.

To save the guessing of when to hit f8 & so on to boot into safe
mode, you can do the following.
press windows r to open the run box
in the run box type, msconfig & press enter
the system configuration window will open
either shift tab once to get up into the tabs & use the right arrow,
or use control tab & find the boot tab
its called the Boot tab in windows 7, boot.ini tab in xp
once on the boot tab, start tabbing through the options & you will find
boot option Safe boot, you need to check this
then tab once more & you will find radio buttons
use the arrow keys to choose either minimal or network
again dont forget, if you choose network, while you are connected to
the internet you have no securety running.
now just tab to the ok button & hit the space bar.
on xp you will get a window saying need to restart, on windows 7 you
will not recieve this & need to restart the system yourself.
On xp when the system boots into safe mode you will here the windows
log on sound & then you will hear a ding sound,
the ding is a window stating you are in safe mode, just press enter to say
You will not get this ding sound in windows 7.
dont forget things in safe mode are a lot slower, so wait a while for
the desktop & so on to load before you try to start your screen reader.
In xp when you get your screen reader running you may find a system
configuration window saying, is in selective mode & so on, I normally
tab to never show this again & check it, then tab to ok
Once you are finished doing what you want to in safe mode, you need
to go back into msconfig into the boot tab & uncheck boot into safe mode.
If you dont do this, you will just keep starting up in safe mode.

Hope this helps....

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