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There are two ways to accomplish this task. One, press CTRL plus the number 3 on the numbers row and this will bring up the contact list and use the down arrow to find the person e-mail. Once you reach the desired contact pres the application key or shift f10 to bring up the context menu and arrow down to contact submenu and open it by using the right arro. Then enter on that person e-mail and it will put it into the [send to edit field].
At this point use the tab to move from one field to the other such as CC BCC ETC.

Secondly, create a new e-mail by pressing CTRL plus the letter n. Then shift tab to contact list button and enter. Then arrow down to the desired person in your list and press the spacebar and tab to the send to button and press the spacebar again and tab and you will find it inserted in the send to field. Continue to tab until you reach ok and enter. Now tab through the various fields again such as CC and BCC until you reach subject and the message edit field. -----Original Message-----
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Hi all

how do I get to the contacts in windows live mail .
I have windows 7 and jaws 12.

cheers Joe
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