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Hello Kane: Thank you for your e-mail re the Silverlight issue I am having. I just received a note from FS tech support saying that JAWS does not support Silverlight because Siliverlight does not support UIA text patterns. You mentioned a programmer assisting you with this. How would we proceed further with either myself or my employer. I work for Nuance Transcription Services. Thank you Kane for any information you can give me re the Silverlight issues. Have a wonderful day.

Susan Jones

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Susan, feel free to write me off-list: kbrolin65@.... Due to a
project involving JAWS and some of the information technology
platforms used at my own workplace, a programmer has been developing
fixes that apply to Microsoft Silverlight accessibility. It may be
that you or your employer could arrange to benefit from some of this
work, provided the legality of such information-sharing could be
worked out. I cannot share particulars with the public.


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