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You might want to try to see what the echo screen mode is set on. There are three modes. Press the Insert plus the letter S key to toggle between screen echo highlighted text, all text or none. This might resolve the issue.

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I’m using windows 7 with Jaws 12.01186 on a netbook. Every time Jaws is turned on, the voice announces “MK cursor enhancements” and repeats this randomly every 5-20 seconds. My sighted spouse tells me there are no visible words or signals on the screen to go along with this announcement. I believe MK stands for “Magic Keystrokes”, but I have never installed a “Magic” program on this or any other computer. problem persists no matter what program I am using with Jaws and is very disruptive. I also had a version of Jaws 13 on the same computer and the same thing was happening. I uninstalled both Jaws 12 and Jaws 13, and downloaded a clean version of Jaws 12 , but the problem persists.

I do not know why this has suddenly started happening. Anyone else had this happen and is there a way to get rid of it?

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