Re: Unlocking a document for editing in Microsoft Word

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Get to the file menu by pressing alt plus F, then arrow down to info tab, press enter there and then arrow to enable editing and press enter.

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On May 18, 2014, at 7:33 AM, Marianne Denning via Jfw <> wrote:

I go to the "save" on the menu and hit enter. I hear it is a
protected document and can't be saved along with a noise. I either
tab or right arrow (can't remember) and hit enter. I am good to go

On 5/18/14, Steve Matzura via Jfw <> wrote:
Sometimes I get files--Word documents--that are locked from editing,
and I have to use a screenreader cursor to locate and click on
something on the screen that says "Enable editing". Once done, I can
modify the document normally. Is there a Menu choice or scripted key
to perform this function in JAWS?

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