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Thats great, thank you for that.

At 10:42 PM 8/26/2011, you wrote:
ooops,, the first link had an s in the word option and was incorrect, here are the links again. just click on the first line that starts with <x-Eudora and follow the prompts.

here you go, the first link below will turn off the unnecessary headers and the second link will put them back. you will have to restart eudora for the changes to take effect.

hmmm, here's how to do it using the eudora options links:

turn on the taboo headers (that is remove unnecessary headers)


you must restart eudora for the change to take effect.

and to get the headers back:


and of course eudora must be restarted. hope this helps.

Legend has it that on Saturday 8/27/2011 03:56 PM, 2.g.i said:
Hi all,
I am new to using Eudora, Just 3 days old.
Can some one please help with how to remove the headers from the top of received emails?
Using Eudora

Thanks in advance for any help.

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