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Bill Spiry

Depends. If the presentation has an outline or presentor notes, those can be
saved as a text file or rtf from within ppt. I usually find it most
effective to go to File/save as/ and select PDF as the file type. This will
save the text and other stuff out to a pdf file which is readable with jaws
or you can then use a conversion application to convert the pdf to word. I
find it interesting that office doesn't provide for a cleaner conversion of
a ppt to a .doc or .rtf. there is an option to save as word but this keeps
the thing in slide form that is cumbersome with JAWS.

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Hi, everyone.

Can someone tell me the easiest way to extract and save the text from the
slides in a powerpoint presentation?

I have a powerpoint presentation here from work, and all I need is the text
content for future reference.

As best as I can tell, the presentation is done in Office 2007 powerpoint


Tom Behler in Michigan

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