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does your school have a disabled students center, and are you in the US?

here the instructors are required to make reasonable adaptations so there blind students have the ability to take the same courses and receive the same level of education that a sighted student has. so if this thing is not accessible then he has to figure out another method of presenting the info to you, period end of quote!

talk with his about this, talk to the DSC, or the dean of students and the tutorial center if you don't have a DSC.

and keep talking to us, I'm a bulldozer when it comes to such troubles, and am not afraid to call an instructor and tell them what is and what isn't, B.E.G.!

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Thanks for the reply. I am at a loss with this. Have contacted the company
who says that it is not accessable. They are working on it... you know how
that goes. I would be greatful for any help. I am taking CIS 105 Go with
Microsoft and CIS 110 Technology in Action. Thanks again Mike

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If you would like, I will try to contact MyItLab directly tomorrow, and
see if I can get a demo account, and discuss the product's accessibility
with the product rep.
I would be glad to report back to you, hopefully with good news.
I'm a Security auditor and programmer, and am in between jobs; I would
like to help wit this.
Please let me know off-list if I should pursue this.
If so, please give me the names of the classes you are taking, so that I
can refer to them when speaking to the rep.

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On 8/25/2011 3:11 PM, michael grove wrote:
Hi has anyone been able to use this at school? Two of my classes Use this
for up to 85% of the work.

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