I have a theory about my jaws startup issue.

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OK, let me recap a bit here for everyone's reference.

I wrote the list about half a week ago somewhere around the 4th of the month. I was having an issue whereby using Windows 8.1 Home Premium and all the updates along with JAWS 15 Pro were producing a very weird issue. Even though under the JAWS window>Options>Basics, I had it set to automaticly run at the logon screen, as well as to run after logon for all users, and I had the combo box set to always, I still found that JAWS refused to load after logon. It worked fine as far as launching at the logon screen itself, but once logged on, it wouldn't autostart.

Most of you all said you were not having this issue with Windows 8.1, and had suggested I repair JFW. I did this to absolutely no avale. One member wrote in suggesting it was something to do with the latest Internet Explorer update, as once they installed that update, they began having the same issue. I must say I found that incredibly hard to relate the two things to one another. How could IE have anything to do with jfw not starting up. I honestly still to this minute hold my opinion that for that person, it was totally bad timing/coencidental. All of this however said, I don't rule it out, but I do find it unlikely. I do! however, have a theory. I confess that I've not gotten the chance to call FS quite yet about this. I plan to do so this morning first thing when they open up. Basically though, here's my theory. Again, this may seem kind of like the I E guess. It may sound 100% unrelated. Chances are, it probably isn't related in any respect, I agree, but, I'm very much unwilling at this point to look over it, and rule it out as not being possible. I am *not!* running an Intel Pentium processor. I've got the laptop version of an AMD Athlon. Stupid as it may sound, I have heard of weird things happenning with certain programs if you install them on the wrong type of processor, or on one that isn't fully supported. Though I totally! understand that JFW fully supports all the major processors from Intel, AMD, to even Celeron, I'm curious if this might be a bug within the AMD architecture and how it plays back into JFW in a whole. If anyone's got Windows 8.1, and JAWS 15 with access to an Athlon system, laptop or not, I'd be extremely curious to know if you have this issue... specifically with jfw 15 in combination with Windows 8.1 64 bit.

Either way, I'll be calling FS here in just a bit, but I figured I'd throw this out there as one final attempt for you guys to help me.


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