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I use ITunes without the JTunes scripts quite frequently. Perhaps I am out of line saying this, but when I saw those scripts had been made, I was like... OK? Um, uh, why? I find that I can do just about everything without the scripts. OK, the scripts might make some tasks a little bit easier, I'll maybe grant you that, depending on what task you're trying to do, but over all, I've been using ITunes ever since version 7.0 when it was first made accessible. Ever since, I've not had any problem with it.

I personally would try it without the scripts, and see what you think. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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Hi all

last week my pc dyed and now I have it back I cant get jaws to work with I tunes, now before my pc went tits up I had j tunes on it and it was all working well, so what I really want to know is dose I tunes now work with jaws or do I need j tunes again, second thing is wear do I down load J tunes from and there is there any way of getting my code from J tunes web sight so I don't have to buy it again.

thanks in advance Joe
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