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Although I've not used the function much I believe the OCR reading function
in jaws 14 and upwards allows jaws to read previously unreadable screens
like dvd menus, yu have to perform an OCR of each screen you want it to read
so its not as fluid as just using jaws normally but can be really helpful if
you just want to get some info you couldn't get jaws to read normally. Like
I said I've not actually tried it much and the few times I have its not
perfect but haven't ever tried it with dvd menus but I'm pretty sure that
was one of the things that jaws said it worked with.


Paul lemm

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Many times different graphical representations are used. I use VLC player
for DVD's. Some menus are read and some aren't.



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I've never had any screenreading software other than JAWS, but if I were to
offer advice to either company, I'd ask the all-important question: Why
couldn't one of these programs read the menus on a DVD or bluray as easily
as they read a track listing on a CD when any of these are loaded into the
proper drive? Now, there is a problem whose solution would no doubt dictate
which screenreader I use in the future!

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