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Thank you david i think I understand,I seem to get stuck in dialogue boxes
,escape and then still cannot escape if this dell inspire desktop is not put
off vvery carefully, it makes the fuss I describe. No other desktop I had
made such a fuss,they were xp. Re safe mode when my old xp died I was
downloading jaws 11, when I say died it would try to load up,a couple of
people said"you should have told him to try to repair it in safe mode I
imagine that maybe the kindof safe mode the list is discussing. The engineer
said jaws 11 coming in must havehit a bit of the hardrive that was damaged
it is good windows 7 is just coming out isn't it and you have an external
back up"letme custom make you a windows 7 machine for only one thousand
pound 2 friends said"let us look for a good one on line hence I got the
dell windows7 64 bit, which as listmay recaull had a hd failure after 10
months yes it was under warranty,but that is another story!!

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Hello there;

I just want you to no,

Working in safe mode, with MSOutlook, is way different then working in safe
mode, from boot up.

MSOutlook, will ask you, if you want to work in safe mode, especially, if
there has been an issue with the outlook files.
Generally, if you say yes to work in safe mode, outlook will perform

However, if you close outlook, and restart the program, outlook will
Go back to working correctly.
However, working in safe mode from boot up, is way different, you have no
speech, no drivers are loaded.

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I have just read about safe mode on this list,I did not know security was
at risk if using it. I only use it under following circumstances, example
for some reason my windows 7 laptop using ms outlook,seems to get stuck in a
dialogue box, and I cannot escape,eventually i try closing down the machine
a dell 64 bit,but it hangs,so I have to pressin button on tower for a while
Later on reloading the machine complains it ms outlook was not treated well
and says to work in safe mode to , it offers this option even though it
assumes I am going to say No, that is get it right, whilst I hear it suggest
safe mode jaws seems to want to choose the No option,eventually I run it in
safe mode for a while then try to close it down. Are you saying if I tried
to log onto web at any point I am putting my computer at risk,or is it at
risk anytime in safe mode? Many thanks dorothy

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