Re: returning Jaws focus to the active desktop after quitting a programme.

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Windows key M will return you to the desktop any time you use it. So,
once you close the program, press windows key M. You could also pin
the program to your menu or task bar and open it very quickly.

On 5/9/14, Marion Woods via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Running Win7 an Jaws15, everything is running ok, but would like to
if there is a Jaws setting to solve a minor inconvenience with the Jaws
returning focus to the active desktop after quitting a programme.
At the moment the active desktop has 30 icons for programmes and shorts
etc. When I start the PC using the windows key plus "M" all is fine
I run a programme then quit, thenJaws looses focus, However, If I first
navigate to the desktop via the user desktop which has only 18 of the
icons, it returns ok.

Am i missing something?

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