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Tom Behler

Hi, Kirsten.

I tried the RTF option yesterday, and, although the text was there and in the correct order as you suggest, Jaws kept reading heading information at the beginning of just about every line, which made reading and understanding the text very difficult.

Tom from Michigan

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If you open the powerpoint and then go to the save dialog box, tab to the
type/format box and arrow down you should be able to save it as an RTF doc
which will give you all the text from all the slides in the right order.
Before I discovered this I used to have to copy and paste the text out of
the slides, but this is much quicker. I use 2007 so if that is what you have
it definitely works.

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Subject: Extracting text from powerpoint presentation

Hi, everyone.

Can someone tell me the easiest way to extract and save the text from the
slides in a powerpoint presentation?

I have a powerpoint presentation here from work, and all I need is the text
content for future reference.

As best as I can tell, the presentation is done in Office 2007 powerpoint


Tom Behler in Michigan

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