safe mode

Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

I have just read about safe mode on this list,I did not know security was
at risk if using it. I only use it under following circumstances, example
for some reason my windows 7 laptop using ms outlook,seems to get stuck in a
dialogue box, and I cannot escape,eventually i try closing down the machine
a dell 64 bit,but it hangs,so I have to pressin button on tower for a while
Later on reloading the machine complains it ms outlook was not treated well
and says to work in safe mode to , it offers this option even though it
assumes I am going to say No, that is get it right, whilst I hear it suggest
safe mode jaws seems to want to choose the No option,eventually I run it in
safe mode for a while then try to close it down. Are you saying if I tried
to log onto web at any point I am putting my computer at risk,or is it at
risk anytime in safe mode? Many thanks dorothy

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