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I was unable to respond to your previous message about the NY Times because for reasons unknown, my attempts to post on this list failed. I'm back now. FYI, I've had a series of email exchanges with the Times since I last posted on the subject, all of them frustrating. In the last episode, I was unable to renew my paid subscription because I couldn't click on the "submit" button. In the end, they had to do my renewal over the phone. So much for the convenience of the Net.

The "clickable" problem isn't unique to the Times website. Also, it may even be worse with JAWS 15; certainly, it's no better. I don't know if entering "clickable" into the JAWS dictionary and replacing it with nothing will help. Even if it does, I'm always nervous about silencing a verbalization because one day it might be the one that saves me a whole lot of trouble.

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Listers”": I am a new user of Firefox on Windows 7 and jaws 14.

On the web, particularly New York Times site, I am hearing a lot of clickable, clickable. I did not get this with IE 11. What can I change to have less clickable, clickable?

Thanks in advance.
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