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When I down arrow through the combo box to the account I want, a right arrow doesn't do anything; nothing opens up. all I can do in that combo box is scroll through my accounts. What am I missing? Tnx.

On 4/28/2014 9:25 PM, Brad Martin wrote:
I'm afraid there should be no secret. When you tab through the dialog box, you'll hear "move message to" conbo box. Tab again, and you'll hear the name of your Email account. This is a dropdown with submenus in it. So you select the account or grouping where the folders are, then right arrow, then down arrow through the names of the folders. So for instance, I select "formyfriends" because that's the name of my first account, then I right arrow to open up the folders under that account, (I don't think JAWS says much when I right arrow) then down arrow through the names of the folders under that account.

Gosh that sounds a whole lot more confusing when I write it, but when I do it, it's really simple--easier than most mail programs actually. Just remember that there are groupings of folders, and you must select one of those, then right arrow to open that grouping and then down arrow to hear the list of folders under that grouping.

Hope that helps and doesn't hurt. Once you do it, it's a breeze. And I'm just using JAWS 15, Windows 7, and the Thunderbird scripts that come with JAWS.


On 4/28/2014 6:47 PM, Dana S. Leslie wrote:
I am running Windows 7 and JAWS 15.
when making message filters in Thunderbird,and choosing the folder to which incoming messages are to be moved, is there any way to access the spot one needs to click to get the drop-down to open and display a list of one's folders, short of using something like HotSpotclicker?

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