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Yes, it worked like a charm. Odd that the characteristics need to be
different in order to pin, but indeed it does. The actual file created
resides in

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\<web site

Note the ".website" extension

Dave Carlson
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Thanks David. This sounds like it would work, but I will probably
stick with the hot key method as it does more or less what I need.

On 4/28/14, David Bailes <david_bailes@...> wrote:
Hi Kimber,
the only keyboard method that I know about for pinning a website to the
taskbar in windows 7 is a two stage process: add the website to the start
menu, and from there pin it to the task bar. With the page open in
1. On the tools menu, choose add site to start menu. A dialog opens giving
details of what it's going to, including that the website will be added to
all programs section of the start menu.
2. press the add button of this dialog.
3. Open the start menu. Select the website shortcut either by searching
it, or moving to it in the all programs section. Open its context menu,
choose pin to taskbar.

Additional notes:
1. After pinning to the taskbar, if you want to you can delete the
from all programs.
2. After pinning to the taskbar, if you search for the website from the
start menu you'll get two results for the website: the shortcut in all
programs, and the item pinned to the taskbar.


original message:
Hi All, I know it should be possible to pin a web site to my windows 7
taskbar. The instructions I found say to right click the tab of the
desired site then arrow down until I reach the option to pin to
taskbar. But when I right click I get the menu that says move,
minimize, maximize etc. rather than the menu with the option I'm
looking for. I think I am not right clicking the correct thing. Could
someone explain for me, keystroke by keystroke, how to accomplish this?
Kimber --

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