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Dave Mitchell

Thanks David. Just what I was looking for. In addition, by editing these fields in several contacts, I was also able to fix first letter or name navigation in several instances thus eliminating my next 5 point bonus round of questions. <G>
Thanks again, Mitch
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hello try the following;

1, go into your contacts ctrl+#3,

2, find the contact which you wish to edit,

3, press enter on the contact,
now you can use, either,
alt+t=contact tab,
or you can;
alt+p=personal tab,

once you do this, just use the tab key to find the pertinent information.

hope this helps.

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Hi, How can I read an email address in the Contacts list one character at a
time? Routing JAWS to PC does not do it for me. Thanking you all again,
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