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Brandon McGinty

If you would like, I will try to contact MyItLab directly tomorrow, and see if I can get a demo account, and discuss the product's accessibility with the product rep.
I would be glad to report back to you, hopefully with good news.
I'm a Security auditor and programmer, and am in between jobs; I would like to help wit this.
Please let me know off-list if I should pursue this.
If so, please give me the names of the classes you are taking, so that I can refer to them when speaking to the rep.

Brandon McGinty-Carroll
Nighttime Programming And Security
Phone:(602) 904-6548
Sans GSEC certification:

On 8/25/2011 3:11 PM, michael grove wrote:
Hi has anyone been able to use this at school? Two of my classes Use this
for up to 85% of the work.

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