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Drew Hunthausen

Yes, I planning to do this later today.

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Has anyone contacted Audible about this problem? I don't use Win8, but I've
find Audible's customer assistance helpful. If it turns out they don't have
a ready way of making Audible books easy to find on a Win8 system, I'd
expect them to look further into it.

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I have also had this problem. Here is what I do:
First, I am using a laptop, so things may be different with desktop.

After the book is downloaded on the computer, as you indicated, I could
never figure out where it went. So, I go to the "start screen" and type in,
either the word "downloads" or just the letters "DB". You will get a list of
Apps, programs etc. Usually under apps, it will indicate a number of items
having the letters or a downloaded file. I hit "enter" on "apps" and then
several items appear. I think the list goes across the screen in several
rows, (not really sure), anyway, I arrow across, and usually find the files
beginning with "DB" giving me the name of the book. When I hear the book I
am looking for, I hit "enter" and those files come up. Then I highlight
them, copy to the clipboard, and paste on to the memory card.

Hope this isn't too confusing. Maybe someone else has another method.

Barbara Hansen

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Dear list,

I recently got a computer with windows 8 and am trying to figure out how to
use audible with my victor stream. The audible manager is different and I
got the audible app but can't figure out how to use the features and find my
books after downloading them. I don't really know what other questions to
ask as I can't figure it out much at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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