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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

hello you can try this;

1, press the start menu button,

2, type in:
you should hear something like, download app
press the applications key,

down arrow enter on,
open file location,

now, again press the applications key, down or up arrow until you hear;
send to sub menu,
right arrow to open, now arrow down and enter on,
desktop create shortcut.

now you will have desktop icon.

you can also have an icon on your desktop for username.

hope this helps.

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Dear list,

I recently got a computer with windows 8 and am trying to figure out how to
use audible with my victor stream. The audible manager is different and I
got the audible app but can't figure out how to use the features and find my
books after downloading them. I don't really know what other questions to
ask as I can't figure it out much at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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