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Place the focus on the first column of the role that you want to have Jaws read. Then press insert plus V. Type in the word title then you want to enable read colum titles by pressing the space bar once below that you should have title reading and press the spacebar once again then tap to ok. and press enter now as you move from left to right below these jaws Will read the titles.

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I would like to have JAWS read column and row titles automatically
as I arrow through a template spreadsheet. I went through Dan
Clark's explanation from the Freedom Scientific training materials
twice, and I still cannot make this work.

First, let me make it clear that this spreadsheet gets bounced
around a bit. So, using the "quick settings" approach doesn't
work for my situation reliably. So, I'm trying to use Excel and
JAWS to enter labels that will stick with the template spreadsheet
wherever it resides on my computer/network.

Second, I actually think Dan Clark may be skipping a step, but I
have such limited familiarity with Excel that I'm not sure. In
his training session, he opens up a training spreadsheet, goes to
the row/column intersecting cell (top left) and then, in Excel
2010, hits alt plus m followed by m. When he does so, the region
title edit field contains a number of words joined together by
underline characters. Dan points out that you cannot use spaces
in this thing, which I'll call a region title. Interestingly, Dan
never mentions how Excel generates this title for the region. I
just get the contents of the top left cell.

He then proceeds to type in a new title. In that case, he enters
TitleRegion1..F8. Now, I know he is able to skip the top left
coordinate because his cursor was sitting in the top left
coordinate when he undertook the naming process. Of course, after
he hits ENTER, the row and column headings read just fine.
Nothing like that happens for me.

By the way, I'm using JAWS 15, Excel 2010, and Windows 7.

Here is where I think the problem is.

In my little spreadsheet, A3 is "ClientName"; B3 is
"ClientNumber"; C3 is "MatterName"; D3 is "MatterNumber"; E3 is
"Time"; and F3 is "Description".

There is nothing in Column A below A3. That gets filled in with
the client names.

When I hit Alt plus m and then m, instead of getting some name
separated with a bunch of underline characters, all I get is
"ClientName," which is the column title for column A.

I think the region may need to be named before I assign the
"TitleRegion1" followed by the region's coordinates. I think Dan
must have skipped a step, something that had already been done to
his training spreadsheet.

I guess the other problem might be that, unlike his sample
spreadsheet, I do not have all the row titles filled in when I
enter the name.

I don't use Excel all that often, but this little spreadsheet
could be helpful - if it worked.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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