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Pat Byrne

I have had no experience with the unlock procedure but have installed Eudora on a number of computers. It has always worked for me! I've not taken any of the extra things that are offered and I have wound up with a working Eudora with a short cut on the desktop. So you would likely be okay with the installation. And great for a person's self confidence.
Pat ByrneAt 10:52 AM 8/25/2011, you wrote:

Hello Ben and all,

I would regard myself as a computing beginner in many ways, so please forgive me if this sounds rather simple. I have 2 questions:

1. Does the link given for Eudora below, download the program to the Desktop, to be installed later, or does the link initiate the installation process? My reason for asking is, that if it is the latter, and something goes wrong, I have to wait quite some time before sighted assistance can rescue matters. My one and only previous attempt to install a program failed badly, causing total laptop failure, which sighted help eventually put right.

2. What does the phrase, "unlock the full mode", mean, and as this sounds like action must be taken, can you outline the stepsplease?

Paul Benson.

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While Eudora lives on in open-source, the last version produced by
Qualcom is Eudora and that version is very accessible with
JAWS, something that I do not believe is true of the newer
open-source versions.

Happily, Eudora works fine with Windows 7 and Qualcom has
graciously provided the following code to unlock the full mode without cost:

RegFirstNamePro= Paid_Mode_No_Support

You may download Eudora from



At 02:40 PM 8/21/2011, you wrote:
I now have JFW 12 on my computer and am running windows 7. I was
wondering about eudorah. if they still have a free mail program and
do they have a version that works with Windows 7?
I used to use it back in the days of Dos.
Thanks in advance.
Bill Deatherage
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