Re: Jaws dropping my braille display

Ann Byrne

Indeed, I have. With my Focus Forty Blue (connected with USB), If the computer is idle for a long time, the Focus loses itself. Re loading JAWS or unplugging/plugging the display restores focus. FS tech support said just to push one of the buttons on the display and that would wake it up. It doesn't.

At 11:10 AM 4/18/2014, you wrote:
Hi All,

Recently I've noticed some strange behavior with Jaws 15 and my Focus
80 braille display. From time to time, Jaws seems to lose track of the
Focus display causing it to go blank as it does when the computer is
shut down. The only way to wake it up again, so to speak, is to quit
Jaws then reload.

I should also mention this is a USB display and not the Bluetooth
model. The machine is windows 7 64 byt.

Has anyone seen this behavior?



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