Updating and repairing Jaws 15

Jim L

Heya folks,

Have an interesting couple of questions, I can do a repair of jaws 15 using
the same executable installer I initially installed that version in but if I
do a check for updates, then install that update that way, I need to use the
previous version installer to get that repair option again, e.g 5056
installer then updated to 821 to do a repair I need the 5056 executable
installer, it does work but in my opion it aint really a repair as its not
including the just updated 821 updated version. Yesterday I went to the
Freedom site and fully downloaded the 821 executable file and installed over
the top of my 5056 installation, the installation wasn't as normal as I'm
use to just waiting thru all the clicks and being reminded with Jaws my
percentage of the installation then right at the end am asked to reboot my
PC. I'm wondering now if the 821 executable file will now give me that
repair/remove options.

Anyone have some advice /experience on this?



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