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Agree -- and that's why I've kept one connected to my studio computer all
these years.

Dave Carlson
Soon-to-be Oregonian, retired, full-time Farfar, musician, and woodworker

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There's more than one Dectalk. There's a USB version that I believe is still
on the market. I have it, and find it inadequate. There's also a software
version that may or may not be supported still by JAWS -I recall posts on
this subject, but not the outcome.

Dectalk Express is a hardware synthesizer that doesn't rely on a PC sound
card. I find it clearer in articulation than any other synthesizer I've
heard, and it has at least as much responsiveness to commands as Eloquence.

The drawback is that it hasn't been developed in at least two decades,
having lost support when its creator, digital Equipment, was bought out. I
believe the purchaser was Compaq, which itself has since been sucked into
Hewlett-Packard. Dectalk doesn't handle foreign languages, and with Win7 I
find it doesn't read foreign symbols in many contexts, such as online

Anyone accustomed to Eloquence is probably best served by that synthesizer
because it had later-stage development, although I'm one who still finds its
robot quality distracting. But I wish Dectalk Express hadn't been abandoned
or that the well-intentioned USB developer had succeeded in capturing its

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Given the various speech synthesizers available today, what is the
advantage of dec-talk?
On 4/14/2014 10:57 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
Does anyone on the list, know of an individual or company, who services
DEC-TALK Express synthesizers. I found two of them in a cupboard the other
day and, before sending them to be recycled, I would first like to find
out if they can be repaired.

If anyone can help with this enquiry, Thank you in anticipation.

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