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Dave Durber


I plugged in the power supply for both units and left them to charge the battery for about 20 minutes. When I turned them on, nothing, not a pop, squeek or anything.

The thing I cannot remember is, if the battery is completely flat, do you have to wait for a while so the battery has some charge in it, before you can turn it on or, should you be able to turn on the unit and use the synthesizer without any charge in the battery.


Dave Durber

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Have you tried them out? I haven't plugged mine into my Win7 system for so long that I can't remember where I attached it, but I do recall that JAWS typically picks it up in Com1. As you'll recognize from the parts, there'll be another cable for the AC adaptor. Then make sure JAWS is set up to recognize it as a synthesizer via the utilities menu.

One of mine that I recently bought off another user works imperfectly, so I'd be glad to know of a repair place. However, the one I bought from the dealer maybe twenty years ago still works fine.

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Does anyone on the list, know of an individual or company, who services DEC-TALK Express synthesizers. I found two of them in a cupboard the other day and, before sending them to be recycled, I would first like to find out if they can be repaired.

If anyone can help with this enquiry, Thank you in anticipation.

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