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There are 2 ways to access the outlook contacts.

The first way is,
This will land you on an search edit field, So you could type in a contact's
name to search, Or, you could tab once to get into the list of contacts, Now
use your arrow keys, If you would want to send a message to a particular
contact while you're inside the contacts, Just arrow to the contacts
name/email, Now press ctrl+n=new message, Note, the person's information, is
already placed into the to field, thus, you land on the subject, If you tab,
you're placed into the body of the message.
The second way to access you're contacts,
Ctrl+#3 on the numbers row,
You land inside the contacts,
Tab once to the edit field, type a contacts name,
Shift+tab, the name should be their.

Adding contact;

Here's a couple ways you can do this.

The first way, is,

Press ctrl+shift+c
This will place you on a screen where you can add a contact, Use the tab key
to access the criteria, Once you've completed filling in the various fields,
Press escape key, and say yes to save.
The second way is,

1, open a message from the person whom you wish to add/reply to,

2, now shift+tab until you hear;
From: the person's name and email address; Move your left arrow to highlight
the name/email

3, press the applications key,
Up arrow and enter on,
Add to outlook contacts,

Note, your now being placed into a screen with all the information, Name,
email address, Etc.
If your satisfied with the name&email,
Just press the escape key, your being ask, if you wish to save this
information, just say yes.

Hope this helps.

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For Outlook 2007, when in the message window, shift tab until you get to the
senders name. Select it. Then use the applications key or shift f10 to go
to the context menu. Arrow up and you should see add to contacts. Press
enter and you can save the contact.



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Hi folks! I was trying to add some contacts from emails that I have sent to
me already, and I have a couple of JAWS issues. The first is how I can
click on the option to add to the contacts list, without having touse my
JAWS cursor? Is there a way to do this? The second issue regards finding a
list of all of the email addresses that are saved in the auto complete
folder. Where is the folder located? I am using Outlook 2007.

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