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you said you are using windows mail?
to get into the atatchment field of the email press, insert a
then you need to press enter on the atatchment to open it.
are you using the windows mail that comes with windows 7?
or is it one you downloaded & installed?

best wishes

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there should be a view attachment command listed in the jaws help's probably the same command as outlook express or windows live mail

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Subject: jaws command to open files in windows mail

is there a jfw command to open attachments in windows mail? a friend was helping my wife with her Resume and edited it and made some changes and sent it back as an attachment Now I have the e-mail message I am not sure how to open it? I am using JFW and windows 7 mail.
your help would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Deatherage
if you would like to contact me off list my e-mail address is:
thank you in advance.
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