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Another way would be simply to:
1. Select All using Ctrl+A
2. remove formatting using Ctrl+space bar.
Hope this helps,
Carol Howieson
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University of Strathclyde

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On 3 Apr 2014, at 21:46, "Ford, Tim (CDPH-OLS)" <> wrote:

I think I know the fix, or at least one approach.

In my experience, JAWS is simply letting you know that the line is coded as a heading, but the word "heading" is not in the actual text. However, there is an easy way to clean out all that heading and other unwanted coding.

1. Select the text to clean up, control a, if you want to clean the entire document.

2. Press control x to cut the material to the clipboard.

3. Staying in the now-empty document, use the right click/application key (shift f10 also works), and cursor down to the "keep text only" line, and press enter. One note of caution, in my Office 2010, JAWS skips over this option when you cursor down, but does say it when using the up arrow. I cursor down until it says "font", then arrow up one.

The resulting material is clean text, recognizing only the text and hard returns contained in the original. Just about everything else has been stripped out, and your "headings" should be gone.

Best of luck. I use this process routinely, so once you get the hang of it, it will be easy to do from memory.

Tim Ford

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My word 2010 doc, JAWS says heading on every line when I arrow through the document or when I use the say all in JAWS. How can I remove the headings?
I want to do this before I use Kurzweil to make the word doc into an mp3, don't want it to say "heading" at the start of every line.



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