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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

I suggest you get total recorder to work, as it can work on windows7.
I asked them to support aac plus streams and such, hope they will do
it, but that program is the easiest. If you want no jaws in your
recordings, just switch off speech with insert space s, or if you have
jaws ten and older, just insert v, then the end key, and press the
spacebar to turn it off and press enter. Repeat to turn back on. Or
perhaps get a USB headset to root jaws fru. That can help.

On 03/04/2014, Jim L <> wrote:
Sadly this is a annual subscription software now, so not suitable, any more
suggestions are appreciated

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Heya Folks,

Can anyone recommend an audio recorder software program that works great
with Windows 7 and Jaws 15. I use to use Total Recorder on my old XP PC but
for some stupid reason the Windows 7 version won't allow to exclude
programs, in other words I can record my radio streams etc but it also
records my Jaws speech which is so annoying.

So please advise on some programs that can record my radio streams directly
and exclude my Jaws screen reader.
And that also works wonderful with Jaws



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