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Dave Durber

Hello Dave:

I have Partition Magic for Windows XP. Unfortunately, when I tried to use Partition Magic to see all the partitions on the laptop's hard drive, the hidden partition containing the Windows installation system, did not show up at all. All I could see, was the main partition for Drive C, the Restore partition and the partition containing the HP Tools.

Thank you for the suggestion though.

I am coming to the conclusion, that I am going to need the assistance of someone with sight, who can use a utility in Unix to do what I want to do.


Dave Durber

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Norton Partition Magic is quite accessible. If it's still on the market.
Dave Carlson
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Hello everyone:

I have an HP laptop.

On the hard drive, there is a hidden partition, containing an install of
Windows 7, Home Ultimate, which came with the system when I purchased the

I now wish to install Windows 7 Professional instead.

Obviously, I will need to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect
it to another computer.

I know that I can use the Windows Disk Manager to remove the visible
partitions. However, The Windows Disk Manager, will not show the hidden

Does anyone on the list, know of any hard drive partitioning software or
hard drive disk management software, which is accessible using a
screen-reader, that will enable me to unhide the hidden partition, so that I
can delete it?

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation


Dave Durber

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