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Laura Channon

Another tip (minus the JAWS keys, because I am new to it) to make everything
the same font as your destination document, Do a Paste > Paste Special >
Unformatted Text. This takes all your content, no matter the source, and
makes it the font that the destination document has. Now it's up to the
JAWS specialists to find the right keystrokes for that. I'll give it a try
when I have a chance.

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I'm speaking as someone who still uses MS 2003, but this is how I do it.

Use control plus a to highlight your whole document, then bring up your
options with alt plus o. Select Font from the resulting menu and then just
tab across making your font choices. Entering on OK should then convert your
document to your chosen font.

I appreciate that this is probably totally inaccurate for your version of
Word, but hey, you never know!


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Subject: making document all the same font

I'm using JAWS 15 and Word 2010

I have a document made up of a bunch of copy and pastes so lots of

How can I make the document show up all in the same font?


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