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Richard Holloway

Not to state the obvious, but they make a 20 character PAC Mate display as well as the larger one. Sounds like JAWS may assume it is using the smaller display. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a manual setting to adjust that.

One thing for certain, if (and I AM saying IF) JAWS cannot detect what display is attached, it would make sense to default to the smaller display size. Is anyone aware of such a setting? We used a 20 character PAC Mate display for a long time here. When we switched to a FOCUS 40, we didn’t make any changes and it worked fine with the full display, but I have the impression the PAC Mate displays don’t have a lot of built-in intelligence as compared to the FOCUS displays, which are made to be free-standing.

On Mar 30, 2014, at 9:48 PM, Lee Maschmeyer <leemer1@...> wrote:

Rhonda said,

Ok looks much better now, but only showing 20 cells of braille not the
whole can I fix this?
This is strange. It uses the whole display for me. Are you sure you have BrailleMovesActive in effect? What key toggles it on and off and what is the script name?

What program is displaying the text? Use Insert+Q. Are you sure the program is maximized? Use Alt+Space, X.

Do other programs use the whole display?

Please describe in exact detail what happens when you pan through a .brf file. Can you see the blinking cursor in the left cell of each line?


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