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Hi,So, it's my turn to state I am also a victim of bad cyber trafficking!
So, let's see if what I did worked.
I Selected one of the emails that were in the inbox, pressed my applications
key, arrowed over to the rules submenu, and pressed enter on the move
messages from (the info from the header) what ever it was lol and selected
the jfw folder, so messages were moved that were in the inbox, but let's see
if future incoming emails to that folder was moved. Lol, it through me off
when I saw all these names in my inbox, I was like why is Dave Carlson
writing me so much?haha.

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Hi All,

I don't know what happened but, all the messages from this list are coming
into my In-box instead of going to the folder I assigned them to go with a
filter / rule! For whatever reason I can't make a message filter / rule for
this list anymore. I used to have a filter for this list but, the criteria
I used to make the filter / rule doesn't show in the headers any more. i.e;
the, To, field / header is where I used to get either 1 of the following:



'The Jaws for Windows support mailing list'

Well, the only thing that shows in the, To field now, is my email address.
There isn't anything in any of the other headers that can be used to make a
filter / rule. Am I the only 1 experiencing this or, have others
encountered this problem? All input will be appreciated. Thanks much.

Take care.
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