Re: Best OS with JAWS?

Louise Johnson <herclouise@...>

Hi I am a basic user of the computer and learning more each day. I have
windows 8.1 and I came from XP. I would say it depends on what you are
going to do on the computer. What I do on the computer is basic emailing
word and inter net. I did find windows 8 harder to use then windows 8.1 and
I enjoy using it. I find talking to people in all parts of life it is up to
the user and what they are willing to learn and how much you are willing to
ask for help if needed. I have joined the list to learn from others. This
is up to you and what you feel you want to do talk to people and go to
freedom web site and look for information from them and it depends on what
Jaws you have if you have the newest then it is your choice if you have an
older version you have to get windows 7. Good luck in choosing the windows
you want from Louise and Hawk.

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