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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>


where are you wanting to create this new folder?also which operating system?

if you go to my documents,
you hear, not selected,
now type in the folder name, press enter.

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Hi Steve... first time I'm seeing this post so please forgive me if this
suggestion has already been given.
To add a new folder to be used with Word 10, I go to my lists of documents
in the libraries and do an alt-f and arrow down to where it says 'new
folder' and hit enter twice. Then I type the name in the edit. Hit enter and

you have a new folder which is accessible with Word.
Hope this helps

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Subject: still have that issue with word

I appreciate all of your suggestions really I do; tried them all but still
can't get to where I can add a new folder. Are there any of you out there
with any other suggestions?



I am running the latest version of Jaws, have the virtual ribb9on now turned
off, on a windows 7 machine and word 2010 please help

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