Issues with PayPal and Jaws


Hello list,

Today after logging into PayPal while in Firefox, Jaws has behaved rather

Logging in is fine and even the next screen where you have to click if the
page lasts for more than 5 seconds, but once I’m in my overview page, JFW
will behave as though the virtual cursor is turned off and all I get is Jaws
saying menubar. When I do an alt+tab, Jaws says closing menubar, but when I
cycle back to the PayPal window, it’s as though the menubar is open again.
Tabbing, pressing escape or refreshing the page doesn’t help either.

This doesn’t happen in IE8. Only Firefox. I’m using FF6, but that shouldn’t
be a problem since it was working fine yesterday. I’ve tried logging in a
couple of times and still no luck.

I’m using JFW 11.0 (I have 12, but prefer JFW 11).

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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