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Gary King

I had that very problem with adding a card on Amazon this morning. I think the web site developers at Amazon stay up nights trying to think up new web site controls to frustrate screen reader users. Every other site I have dealt with used a combo box to pick the month and year, and so did Amazon until now. They changed to Menu Buttons on the add credit card page. They still have combo boxes on other pages though.

What I got when I activated the Menu Button for the month while in Virtual Cursor Mode was a list of links corresponding to the months of the year. No matter how I tried to activate the correct link, and I tried them all, the Menu Button still displayed the same month.

As a last resort, I turned off Virtual Cursor Mode with JAWS Key z and activated the Button Menu again. This time I got my months in a list box. I selected the correct month, pressed Enter and was relieved to see that the correct month was now displayed in the Menu Button. I then reactivated Virtual Cursor Mode with JAWS Key z and finished the process without difficulty. Hope this method works for you.

By the way, I'm still using the last build of JAWS 14. I was wondering if JAWS 15 would have done better. Guess not!

Gary King

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Using jaws 15

has anyone been able to add new credit cards on I have tried
with either IE or FF ... can't get the expiration month and year to
properly pick from the list.

Thanks for any help...

Peter Logan
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