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I know what you are talking about. This is not the bug I was referencing; however, sometimes control plus en will cause links to activate that otherwise will not.

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I have had this problem. Running Jaws 15 under Windows 7. In fact I often come across links that Will not activate when pressing enter. I can usually get them to go with the Jaws cursor, although the Route Jaws to PC usually doesn't work very well. Tom

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Just tried this out on IE 11 on a Win7 machine running JFW 15 Pro. The
command seems to work as intended. I exicuted this Jaws command while on
edit fields, buttons, combo boxes and checkboxes and every time I selected a
different form field be with the the spacebar or enter button, I was taken
to that spot. I tried it from different edit fields on different webpages
and nothing buggy happened.

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Before I submit the following to Freedom Scientific, I thought I would
confirm, with this esteemed group, what I think, at least, is a bug in JAWS

I've been genuinely satisfied with JAWS 15, and it has a couple of
advantages over JAWS 14 that are particularly useful to me.

Here, however, is the problem, though I admit it is not a big one.

I have confirmed this in both Windows 8 and Windows 7. I have found this in
at least the last 3 versions of Internet Explorer.
Not sure if it exists in FireFox. I rarely use FireFox because I need to
use a document management system that only half works in FireFox.

Anyway, here is the problem:

When in IE, if I press Jaws Key plus F-5 I should get a list of form fields
in a kind of dialog box. Using first letter navigation, I can hit the field
I'm looking for right away. If I hit enter on the name of that field in the
Jaws-created dialog box, I should be taken to that form field. In Jaws 14,
that seemed to work without flaw. In Jaws 15 it too seems to work when, at
the time of pressing Jaws key plus F-5, one is sitting on a radio button, a
check box, or a combo box. If, however, one is sitting on an edit field, it
doesn't work. The dialog box appears, and I can navigate to the desired
name in that dialog box, but when I activate it (by hitting ENTER or hitting
tab and space bar) the dialog box disappears, and I'm left in the same edit
field as when I pressed the form field command (Jaws key plus F-5).

That, therefore, makes the exercise useless. The obvious work-around is
simply to make sure I'm not on an edit field when I press Jaws Key plus F-5.
That, however, as I hope you agree, is less than elegant. <SMILE>

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