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If you're connected to net via router you have a firewall there. There is a firewall in Windows too. The Security Essentials from MS works well with screen readers. If just single user you got what you need there. The paid versions maybe give you some extra features but the virus definitions is the same. If you don't plan to use the software in a company on a server based network then the free software will give you what you need. How much security do you need? No antivirus software is the best. Some is better than others but there is no guarantee even you pay or not.

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hello, listers, My name is Christopher Stouton and I was wondering if anyone could answer a quick question for me. I need to know weather or not I can use avast internet security with jaws 15. I’m thinking about purchasing they’re internet security package as I’ve heard it’s one of the best around, but mostly from sighted people. does any one have any ideas as to what the status of accessibility with jaws and avast internet security is? if not which paid internet security program is best, because the free ones don’t look to be any good including Microsoft security essentials.
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