Re: Keystroke for Accessing Path Name in Save As Dialog?

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another way to find out an exact path to a folder is:

1, navigate to where the folder is;

do not press enter.

2, now press,
shift-key+applications key,
up arrow and enter on copy as path,
now the path is pasted on the clipboard.
this works for both folder and file.

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In the standard Win7 file dialog, press F4 to access the address bar, it
tells you'the current folder. It also works in the explorer window.




Am 16.03.2014 02:04, schrieb Sakthi TAB:
Press ALT + D it moved to address bar
then read the default location

On 3/16/14, Dani L Pagador <> wrote:
Hi, Everyone.

When I go in to the Save As dialog under the File menu, how do I know
a file will save to? At present, I use the Insert+B command and listen
JFW to read the folder name Windows is pointing to. Is there a quicker
to get this information?



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