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Marianne Denning

That is a good point and I thought of that too. I had some sighted
help to get the signature in the beginning but I am not sure that is
necessary. Maybe others can comment on this because it is really
convenient and I use it regularly. When I get better at the inserting
of the picture I will describe it.

On 3/18/14, Ford, Tim (CDPH-OLS) <Tim.Ford@...> wrote:
Wow, that sounds pretty easy, and something I had always intended to set

However, I bet that what Barbara is facing is different, and should work
fine with JAWS if the web site is properly set up.

Since this is an online application, I suspect that what the web site is
referring to is different than a scan of your actual signature. It is
instead probably referring to a process, which in my experience is JAWS
friendly, where you check a box indicating you understand that this
electronic signature is really a promise that you are you. You may be asked
to fill in some other information as well. The ones I have completed were
fine with JAWS, just read through and enter text and check boxes as you
normally would with JAWS, and I think that will work.

Tim Ford

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I signed a plain piece of paper,
scanned it in,
saved it as a Microsoft Word 2010 document.
It shows up as an image so I copy the image and place it where it
needs to go on the document or form.
There is also a way to save it as a picture and then insert that
picture where you want it but I haven't done it enough to feel
confident about explaining it.

On 3/18/14, Barbara Hansen <the2skibears@...> wrote:
Hello to all,

I need some good instructions concerning the process for doing an
signature on a grant application. This is an online application and I
never done one before. I have no idea where to start for producing an
electronic signature. Any assistance you can offer, would be greatly

Barbara Hansen

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