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Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Gary,

I have sounds installed for Office 2010, provide feedback with sound is
checked but, which of the sound events / tasks tells Word to make a sound
when you open a .docx file? In older Office versions the, process complete,
choice in the list does this but, not Word 2010. Thanks much.
Take care.
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Does this work for office 2013. I would like the soundsfor 2013 . From
Louise and Hawk

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If you don't have it, you will need the Office Sounds pack from Microsoft.
Go to:

where there is a download link. Download and install the file.

In Word 2010, press Alt f and up-arrow to Options; press enter.
In the list of categories, press a for Advanced and then Shift Tab until you

get to the Provide Feedback with Sound checkbox and check it. Then press
Enter to accept the change.

You should then have sounds in Word 2010. I'm sure that Word from Office
2007 works in a similar way.

Gary King
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Subject: Sounds In Word 07 & 10

Hi all,

I'm running Office 07 on an XP system & Office 2010 on a Win7 64 bit
with J13 thru 15. When I open a new Word document I want to assign a
to it. In Word 2002 I used the ProcessComplete sound task in Control
/ Sounds & Audio, to do this but, it isn't working in either Word 2007 or
2010. I do have sound & animation checked in Tools / options / Advanced
both computers. Does Word 07 / 2010 use a different sound task for this?
If so, would y'all please inform me as to what task is used for assigning
sound when opening document1? All help will be greatly appreciated.
Take care.
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