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Stupid Subject Line Also

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Hi Steve,

If you want Daisy reader to read the help files select, Training, in Jaws
options help. After selecting the topic & pressing enter, Dan Clark will
read the file. Press, control + P, to stop the Daisy reader if you want to
use Jaws . After stopping the Daisy reader, tab 1 time to have Jaws read
the file or, Pressing, F6, will allow you to read with Jaws as well.
Pressing, Shift + tab, or, F6 again, will put you back into the list where
you can press, control + P, to have the Daisy reader start playing again.

If you access the, Jaws Help Files, from Jaws options/ Help, then you can
only use Jaws to read the files. HTH Take care.
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This isn't a stupid question. You right arrow to open the book, then arrow
through the topics. When you find a topic you want to read, first press
enter on it, then press f6 to switch from the navigation pane to the content
pane. Now you can use all your web keystrokes to read.


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I am going to come off here as a complete idiot; I'm not just a few stupid I
guess windows or perhaps Jaws things haven't managed to get right in my head
yet. For instance going into help to learn or read 1 of the many books; I
right arrow to open the book do that how do I what step am I missing here to
get to where I can press insert down arrow and have jaws read the material
contained within?



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