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Hello there;

Well, you may prefer not to use scripts, however, if you want your husband
to be able to use the email client, I highly suggest you reconsider your

Remember, the question you posed was more for your husband then you.

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Hello there;

You didn't say which version of thunder bird, there are some jaws scripts
out their, which will help
The user navigate the program.

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This is my first post to this list, so please bear with me as I'm not
sure if this is a Jaws problem or a Thunderbird issue.

I am a sighted user trying to learn Jaws in order to help my blind
husband. We have just migrated him to using Windows 7, Jaws 12 and
Thunderbird. He's only been using Jaws for a few months, so it is a
steep learning curve for both of us.

We are getting confused regarding the different cursors and how they
work. Using Virtual PC cursor, emails are opened and read fine with a
brief heading and then into the main body of the email, but the
navigation short cut keys - P, N, B and F don't work. Using PC cursor,
the navigation keys work fine, but Jaws announces the title of each
individual email along the lines of "mailbox:
///name/users/name/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/profiles/ etc etc. "
before getting to the message. This gets a bit tiresome when there's a
full inbox to go through.

Could someone please give me some pointers as to what settings I should
be using so that the title bar is not read each time and the PC cursor
can be used for navigation? At the moment we are using the Virtual PC
cursor, which means having to open and close each individual email when
moving through a list.

I'd be grateful for any help, including advice if this has been posted
to the wrong list.


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