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This new website is not accessible. However it is new.

If you are a musician this site allows you to plug an instrument and
microphone into your computerand jam with other musicians over the net. You
can go to JamKazam.com and check out recordings of miscellaneous people
recording really good stuff.

I'm posting this to encourage script writers to possibly see what can be
done. JamKazam customer support is very responsive and knows how the
technology works. Right now though they are not sure how to make the site
work with a screenreader.

This wevsite is a gold mine for musicians, poets or any kind of entertainer
or even teachers. And could be a big step forward for screenreader users
and the blind community. You can jam out with anyone, record, give live
concerts and build an audience.

I don't know enough about scrypt writing to do anything here. Hope someone
will look at JamKazam.com and come up with an idea.

Forgive me if this is off topic but I thought everyone should at least know.


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