Re: ribbon not working with JAWS 15

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HI Tom I have the same problem with Outlook 2007 running Windows XP, and
don't see minimize ribbons in the app menu . What ver are you running? Tnx

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Don't know if this will work with Vista as I am using Windows 7, but I had
the same problem last night. While in a word document I brought up the
application menu by pressing control, shift, F10. minimize the ribbon was
checked. Un checked it and all was fine. Tom

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Subject: ribbon not working with JAWS 15

The ribbon is not working with JAWS 15. I have Vista, & Office 2007. It
will let me read the tabs but when I arrow down or tab it doesn't say
anything. I've turned virtual ribbon both on and off and neither makes a
difference. I've also used control F1 to collapse and enable and it has to
be collapsed for JAWS to read. Any help or suggestions.


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